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This is a bit of a general question.

If I mark an entity as setDeleted, is it possible to get Breeze to also mark children / grandchildren etc. entities in the entire object graph for deletion before saveChanges is called?

Alternatively, if I'm doing soft-deletes by placing a boolean property isDeleted on all entities and setting it to true if an entity is soft-deleted, is it possible to get Breeze to change this property for a parent entity and all children / grandchildren etc. when the entity is marked for setModified and before the entities are saved?

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I suppose has already been answered Here.

Cascade delete on client is not supported by breeze as of now.

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I am experiencing inconsistent behaviour in Breeze with this. Please see this question wherein I provide a more specific example where breezejs is cascading a delete in one case and not in another. This question was intended as a more general one. – zpydee Feb 10 '14 at 14:09

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