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In my Jade view I have "raw" which contains retrieved mongodb data which I have passed to my jade view by res.render('jadeview',{raw:mongodbdata})

  h1 View Requests Page
     th ID
     th Request's
     th Description
     th Current Status            
    - if(raw.length)
        each item in raw
             a(href='/individualrequest/#{item._id}', id="idanch") #{item._id}
             a(href='/individualrequest/#{item._id}', id="rqstanch") #{item.request}
             a(href='/individualrequest/#{item._id}', id="descanch") #{item.description}
            -if( #{item.approval} === 'true')
                    p Approved
                  p Rejected

But for last td where I am comparing one of the retrieved value of "raw" with if else statements, I'm getting error as "500 Unexpected character '#'" , I've tried without #{item.approval} instead , I compared 'true' === 'true', then its working fine, I'm getting the output in the Jade View Page, but Why it is not taking #{item.approval}, if I give only td #{item.approval}, I'm getting the value, but not with if/else, please help me on this

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I think it should be just - if(item.approval === 'true'), because you dont interpolate item.approval at that stage, in fact if its proper boolean you should do - if(item.approval) – dark_ruby Feb 10 '14 at 11:22
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- if(item.approval)

should just work, no need to convert it to string, then compare to another string

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Yeah, Thanks buddy!, It works... – Chakravarthy S M Feb 10 '14 at 11:40

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