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Instead of using display:none and display:block when hiding or showing a div, I decided to use CSS transforms for this task, due to it working faster and more fluid in an iOS/Android WebApp.

Basically I'm displaying a div by using transform: translate(0px,0px) and hiding it via transform:translate(100000px,100000px)

Now this works as expected on an iPhone, but on an iPad (or Desktop) it doesn't work properly. I get a huge vertical scrollbar (due to the translation probably) and overflow:hidden doesn't seem to help either. Any ideas appreciated. How did you guys implement this translate-for-hiding-elements-solution?

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You can fix this by simply inserting a -.

Do this instead:

transform:translate(-100000px,-100000px); /*Both negative values*/

This way, you're putting it 'backwards' in the page and the scroll bars wont show, but it will still be there. It's identical to the current method, but simply going in a different direction and prevents scroll bars.

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This helped. Thank you very much (: – Adrian MK Feb 10 '14 at 12:02
No worries! Glad I could help @AdrianMK :) – Albzi Feb 10 '14 at 12:02

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