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My place of employment is looking into buying a third party tool, for batch based US and Canadian Address correction, with Geo-coding.

  • What Products have you used?
  • What do you like about them?
  • What do you not like about them?

Note that, We are a C/C++ Unix Shop.

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We use Melissa Data, they have a number of solutions including geocoding and address normalization. They have good APIs and the support has been great. Their solutions work on many platforms and languages including C and C++ on Unix. Can't think anything negative about them.

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it is interesting that only you and I seem to have address issues to deal with. – EvilTeach Nov 14 '08 at 2:06
Apparently. I work for a direct marketing company so work a lot with address correction and standardization. Did you find something that worked for you? – Robert Gamble Nov 14 '08 at 3:42
Yes, we are using a product from IST. – EvilTeach Jan 29 '09 at 1:45

We use Trillium in our office. They provide C# libraries that you can incorporate into your projects. It will take an address and return a pretty complex standardized address object but does include information like geocodes (which are important for calculating tax).

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We use the Address API at It does geocoding as well and they offer it for free for normal web site usage.

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