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I'm working on a GWT app that's using Google Maps. I'm trying to add many lettered markers to my map. Originally, I had:

Marker marker = new Marker(point);

But that didn't work. The call to setImage caused an exception in the maps API and nothing showed up on the map. I searched and found some half-answers talking about MarkerOptions, so I tried:

Icon icon = Icon.newInstance(Icon.DEFAULT_ICON);
MarkerOptions ops = MarkerOptions.newInstance(icon);
Marker marker = new Marker(point, ops);

This was a bit better in that my app was not throwing exceptions anymore and I was seeing marker shadows, but still no custom marker images.

I would prefer a non-JSNI solution to this problem.


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This sample seems to cover what you want to achieve: IconDemo.java.

// Create our "tiny" marker icon
Icon icon = Icon.newInstance(
icon.setIconSize(Size.newInstance(12, 20));
icon.setShadowSize(Size.newInstance(22, 20));
icon.setIconAnchor(Point.newInstance(6, 20));
icon.setInfoWindowAnchor(Point.newInstance(5, 1));

MarkerOptions options = MarkerOptions.newInstance();

// LatLng point; MapWidget map;
map.addOverlay(new Marker(point, options));

The live demo can be seen here: http://gwt.google.com/samples/HelloMaps-1.0.4/HelloMaps.html#Creating%20Icons

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Thank you very much for the super speedy response. That worked. – Eric Landry Jan 30 '10 at 14:02

Here's my new working solution (thx again igro):

Icon icon = Icon.newInstance("http://www.google.com/mapfiles/markerA.png");
icon.setIconSize(Size.newInstance(20, 34));
MarkerOptions ops = MarkerOptions.newInstance(icon);
Marker marker = new Marker(point, ops);
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Here is my code in 3.10 Version

LatLng centerIcon = LatLng.newInstance(-25.90307367246304, -48.82550597190857);
MarkerImage markerImage = MarkerImage.newInstance("http://someIcon.png");
MarkerOptions mOpts = MarkerOptions.newInstance();

Marker marker = Marker.newInstance(mOpts);
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Could you add some text to your answer explaining if this does solve entirely/partially the OP question ? As such, it is unclear to me. – kebs May 27 '15 at 20:56

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