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I have created a content type called PDF Publication with two fields - a pdf file upload field that allows one file to be uploaded and a term reference field where the user selects an area e.g. area1 area2 or area3

I now need to create a view block that shows just the latest pdf uploaded for each area. so the block will show three pdfs - one for each area

I have followed instruction from here and other forums on the Internet but am struggling to do this.

I would be really greatful for some help, thank you so much for reading.

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The link you included seems to offer good solutions. What is it that you struggle with exactly? –  LauriK Feb 10 at 14:15
Thanks for your reply. After following the steps in that link I end up with the term name that links to the terms page and when I add the pdf file field I only get the field title and it doesnt display the pdf file field. heres a screenshot: s1287.photobucket.com/user/carlbowles/media/… –  Carl Bowles Feb 10 at 14:27
Please don't cross-post questions. –  Clive Feb 10 at 15:38
has anyone else got any other solutions I could try? –  Carl Bowles Feb 11 at 10:54

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