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My project depends on several sub-projects (static libraries) which configured properly and put their .h file in place (using Copy public headers build phase). All of sub-projects have two configurations: Debug and Release. In my main project I have several configurations. When I chose configuration that differs from Debug or Release, the project fails to build as it can't find my dependencies. And I know why - for all the dependencies, Release configuration was invoked and all the dependencies' products were places in the Release-iphoneos folder, whereas main project by default is seeking for dependencies in its' $(BUILD_DIR)/$(CONFIGURATION)$(EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME) folder which eventually resolves into <Target Name>-iphoneos. The question here - is how should I force Xcode to place dependencies' products into the correct build folder, dictated by the main project (i.e. <Target Name>-iphoneos)?

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