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I have several files that goes like that:


several lines


several lines


several lines

. . .

what I want to do (preferably using grep) is to get the 20 lines immediately following the LAST abcd line.

Any help is appreciated.


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Use -A option:

-A NUM, --after-context=NUM
      Print NUM lines of trailing context after matching lines.  Places a line
      containing a group separator (--) between contiguous groups of matches.  
      With the -o or --only-matching option, this has no effect and a warning
      is given.


$ grep -A 20 abcd file.txt

will give you abcd lines + 20 lines after each. To get that last 21 lines, use tail:

$ grep -A 20 abcd file.txt | tail -21
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You can do this:

awk '/abcd/ {n=NR} {a[NR]=$0} END {for (i=n;i<=n+20;i++) print a[i]}' file

It will search for pattern abcd and update n so only last will be stored.
It also store all line in array a
Then it print 20 lines form last pattern found in the END section.

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