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I've seen some questions (replace dojo.query with Sizzle?) regarding using Sizzle as a selector engine in dojo, and know it's possible, but can't seem to find any tutorials or information on how to go about it.

I know in your build.profile.js file, you can select a selector engine like so:

    selectorEngine: 'lite',

but how would I point to / replace 'lite' or 'acme' with sizzle?

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Being a Bower lover, I'd use bower to install sizzle bower install sizzle. In the profile you should set a falsy value to selectorEngine, to prevent loading any preexisting selector engine. To preload sizzle, add it to your build layer. Then set selectorEngine: 'sizzle/sizzle' in your dojoConfig (before loading Dojo on the page).

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Awesome! I love bower too. Thanks :) –  streetlight Feb 13 at 18:46
Given that sizzle is now AMD compatible, as noted, just specify sizzle for the selectorEngine param in your dojoConfig, and things should work. –  Dylan Feb 13 at 22:15
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