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I am on an effort to sending pseudo-filesystem to other machine.

In this case, I am using /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo as the pseudo-filesystem example.

I have two computer that can communicate each other in ssh.

Now, I am trying to build an *.sh code to secure copy some system file from other computer. The code was:

export MASTER=user@
export HELPER=user@

#Obtaining CPU and Memory Data
scp $MASTER:/proc/cpuinfo /master/.
scp $MASTER:/proc/meminfo /master/.
scp $HELPER:/proc/cpuinfo /helper/.
scp $HELPER:/proc/meminfo /helper/.

The idea is that I can run this script in any computer (either Master or Helper computer).

However, later on the copied files are blank and has no information inside. I try to sudo chmod and sudo chown the /proc/ folder but the system said permission denied. FYI, I do not activate root user and just using sudo all the time.

Can anybody guide me to some solutions please?

Additional info and improvisation: The full code is in jsfiddle. I am just trying to use collaboration option by jsfiddle though this code is not a JavaScript. http://jsfiddle.net/santosasandy/sWYLL/#&togetherjs=hCO3VuPwO4

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do a test to see if something simple (not using ssh) works. like cp /proc/cpuinfo /tmp/master. If that doesn't work, the scp version will never work. Good luck. –  shellter Feb 10 at 16:56
Hi @shellter thank you. Yes indeed the ssh works properly. I can do scp for other file without being asked a password. I am wondering why I can not copy /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo –  Santosa Sandy Feb 10 at 17:08
@shellter Sorry for miss read your comment. I do your suggestion. I can copy it to tmp folder. The copied file has information (not blank). However I can not transfer it to other computer (Master to Helper or vice versa ) –  Santosa Sandy Feb 10 at 17:18
It the idea that /proc is a pseudo-filesystem is causing your problem. I think you'll have to cp /proc/cpuinfo /tmp/master.cpuinfo ; scp /tmp/master.cpuinfo remote:/path/to/master.cpuinfo. Good luck. –  shellter Feb 10 at 17:41
Thank you @shellter . The pseudo-filesystem makes me problem. I will think about the solution how to make a code for transferring that such a file –  Santosa Sandy Feb 10 at 17:44

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It appears that scp first uses stat to determine the size of the file being transferred, and then transfers up to that number of bytes. Because /proc is a pseudo-filesystem, and /proc/cpuinfo is a pseduo-file, stat reports its size as zero bytes. Therefore, scp transfers nothing.

In contrast, cp appears to just read blocks from the file until it can read no more, so the zero size reported by stat is irrelevant.

To copy the file to another system it seems you'll have to first use cp to make a local copy, and then use scp to transfer over the network.

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Thank you for your suggestion, Eric. @shellter also suggest the same approach. However, do you have an idea on how to execute cp from another machine? Suppose that I am on Master and I want the code to do a cp in Helper machine from Helper /proc/cpuinfo –  Santosa Sandy Feb 10 at 18:08
Highly probable theory about stat. Thanks for sharing. Good luck to all. –  shellter Feb 10 at 18:42
@shellter Good clues, thanks. –  Santosa Sandy Feb 10 at 18:48

You can use cat to read from the pseudo files, instead of trying to copy them. For example:

ssh $MASTER 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' > /master/cpuinfo
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Briliant Idea. Thank you @chepner, I will try and let you know the result. –  Santosa Sandy Feb 13 at 8:42

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