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I have Java code that uses the Google Drive permissions insert method to grant a user access to a folder and its contents. This is done through a service account.

Once the user has been granted permission, JavaScript in the browser queries GD directly for the contents of the folder. That is done using the user's own authentication.

The problem I see is that the permissions insert request returns immediately, doing its work asynchronously, and there appears to be no way to know when it is complete. That is, I want to know when the permission of all the contents has been updated.

Currently, I have the JavaScript in the browser wait several seconds before trying to query the contents of the folder. That works sometimes for some amount of items in the folder, but if the folder contains a lot of items, this query happens before all of the permission grants are complete. As a result, when the user is shown the list of items they can access, it is incomplete.

How can I get a notification from Google that the permission insertions are complete before trying to query the folder contents?

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