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I am trying to remove the class of "js" from the UL class if the UL does not contain a LI within. This is what I have and cannot get it to work.

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Have you tried anything yourself? –  oGeez Feb 10 at 16:32
This is not a code mill. Have you tried anything and it not work? You're going to be using the jQuery has(), hide(), and removeClass() functions, I can tell you that much. –  Zarathuztra Feb 10 at 16:33
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You can do:

$.each($('.globalNavChild'), function() {
    var $this = $(this);
    if(!$this.find('li').length) {

Fiddle Demo

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Works great, thank you for the help on this one. –  user3290938 Feb 10 at 17:06
How can I remove the class children as well? I tried $this.find('.children.js').removeClass('children'); –  user3290938 Feb 10 at 17:59
@user3290938 You need $this.prev().removeClass('children js') since anchor is the previous element of your ul –  Felix Feb 11 at 1:20
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You have to find such ul elements which don't (:not selector in jQuery, https://api.jquery.com/not-selector/ ) have ( :has selector in jQuery, https://api.jquery.com/has-selector/) any LI as children.

When you have found them, you can .removeClass (https://api.jquery.com/removeClass/) to remove the unneeded class and then .addClass (https://api.jquery.com/addClass/) to add the one you need.

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Try something like that:

var foo = $('ul.js');
if(foo.length > 0 && foo.find('li').length == 0){
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Call me petty, but if you can't proof-read your answer enough to ensure the quote-count is correct, it deserves a down-vote. –  oGeez Feb 10 at 16:36
@oGeez accepted :) –  Vova Lando Feb 10 at 16:38
Down-vote revoked. Always check your answer before hitting post! –  oGeez Feb 10 at 16:39
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