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I have some PHP applications on a remote CentOS 6.5 computer. Now I want to debug the applications from within my Windows XP developer machine using Notepad++. Xdebug is configured just fine. But I can't get the source mapping in Notepad++ to work correctly.

I always get the error: Unable to map remote: file:///var/www/html/index.php (ip: idekey: dbgp) fallback to source

I tried all the different suggestions I found anywhere about this topic. Prepending a file:// before the remote path, appending slashes or not, trying all variants of paths... The only solution to suppress this message, is checking the DBGp configuration option:

☑ Use SOURCE command for all files and bypass mapping

Then the sources are always obtained directly from the server and i get files like this: dbgp_file%3a%2f%2f%2fvar%2fwww%2fhtml%2findex.php. I don't know if that is the right way and if it allows for the same functionality as a fully working mapping.

After searching heavily for this issue, I figured out that there are people who fixed this issue for themself. But they are always using SAMBA in order to have the sources on the Windows machine.

I don't really want to use Samba, I would like to have a copy of the PHP sources to which I want to map the debug information.

So, is it possible to have this mapping without SAMBA? Or am I doing something else wrong? I feel thankful for all kind of support to this.


Here are my Xdebug settings (/etc/php.d/xdebug.ini):

; Enable xdebug extension module


Here is my Notepad++ DBGp configuration:

☐ Bypass all mappings (local windows setup)

  • Remote Server IP: intranet (mapped to via hosts file)
  • IDE KEY: dbgp
  • Remote Path: file:///var/www/html
  • Local Path: D:\DebugSources
  • ☑ Refresh local context on every step
    ☑ Refresh global context on every step
    ☐ Use SOURCE command for all files and bypass mapping
    ☐ Start with closed socket (firewall conflicts work around)
    ☐ Break at first line when debugging starts
    Maximum depth of elements: 3
    Maximum child elements: 15
    Maximum variable data: 512

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