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We're trying to use Redis ICacheClient with a CustomUserSession, but our custom properties are not stored. The problem seems to be in the json created by serializer.

Here a test:

public class CustomUserSession : AuthUserSession
    public string Test { get; set; }

public class UserSessionJsonTest
    private CustomUserSession session;

    public void CanSerializeToJson()
        session = new CustomUserSession()
            UserName = "Ivan",
            Address = "Address1",
            Test = "123"
        JsConfig<CustomUserSession>.ExcludeTypeInfo = false;
        JsConfig<CustomUserSession>.IncludeTypeInfo = true;
        var json = JsonSerializer.SerializeToString(session);

Test is not serialized at all, any hint?

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In v4, attributes are inherited and because AuthUserSession is a DataContract, where the serialization is opt-in, you need to mark each property you want to serialize with [DataMember], e.g:

public class TestUserSession : AuthUserSession
    public string Test { get; set; }
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Thx! ServiceStack support is amazing! –  Ivan Fioravanti Feb 10 at 17:05

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