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Here my Rest WS:

public class PersonRestService {
    Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(PersonRestService.class);

    private PersonService personService;

@Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON })
public Person getPersonByID(@PathParam("id") String id) {
    logger.debug("getItemByID with id {}", id);
    return personService.getPersonById(id);

Here is the unit test:

   public class PersonServiceRestTest extends JerseyTest {

     public PersonServiceRestTest() throws Exception {
        super(new WebAppDescriptor.Builder("com.intesasanpaolo.web.rest.service").
                .contextParam("contextConfigLocation", "classpath*:application-context/web-test-context.xml")

public void testGetPerson() {
    Client client = Client.create();

    WebResource webResource = client.resource("http://localhost:9998/test/personService/1");

    ClientResponse response = webResource.type(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON).get(ClientResponse.class);



When I run the test I receive and exception on personService.getPersonById(id) since personService is not autowired. It seems that all the rest services created by grizzly do not share the spring context defined above:

INFO: Scanning for root resource and provider classes in the packages:
10-feb-2014 19.10.01 com.sun.jersey.api.core.ScanningResourceConfig logClasses
INFO: Root resource classes found:
  class com.intesasanpaolo.web.rest.service.PersonRestService
  class com.intesasanpaolo.web.rest.service.MyResource

I read a lot of discussion but still no solution. Any idea? Kind regards. Massimo

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Ok, I found the problem. The context was not shared because the WebAppDescriptor was not configured with the SpringServlet.

The working configuration is the following.

super(new WebAppDescriptor.Builder("com.intesasanpaolo.web.rest.service")
                .contextParam("contextConfigLocation", "classpath*:application-context/web-test-context.xml")
                .initParam("com.sun.jersey.api.json.POJOMappingFeature", "true")

Hope this could help someone ;) Max

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