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I'm using the following regex to capture a fixed width "description" field that is always 50 characters long:


My problem is that the descriptions sometimes contain a lot of whitespace, e.g.

"FLUID        COMPRESSOR                          "

Can somebody provide a regex that:

  1. Trims all whitespace off the end
  2. Collapses any whitespace in between words to a single space
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Substitute two or more spaces for one space:

s/  +/ /g

Edit: for any white space (not just spaces) you can use \s if you're using a perl-compatible regex library, and the curly brace syntax for number of occurrences, e.g.

s/\s\s+/ /g


s/\s{2,}/ /g

Edit #2: forgot the /g global suffix, thanks JL

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Or even just s/\s+/ /g -- it occasionally maps a single space to another single space, but it hardly matters. But the global suffix does matter, of course. –  Jonathan Leffler Oct 20 '08 at 5:48
Unfortunately all proposed regexes leave one space at the end if it was there in the initial string. –  Alexander Prokofyev Oct 21 '08 at 4:51
Good point, but is there a single regex that can do both? –  sk. Oct 21 '08 at 16:44
str = Regex.Replace(str, " +( |$)", "$1");
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Bravo! This regex correctly processes spaces between words and at the end of string. –  Alexander Prokofyev Oct 21 '08 at 4:52
Same thing I was going to suggest. :) –  Markus Jarderot Oct 21 '08 at 17:38

Perl-variants: 1) s/\s+$//; 2) s/\s+/ /g;

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Is there a particular reason you are asking for a regular expression? They may not be the best tool for this task.

A replacement like

 s/[ \t]+/ /g

should compress the internal whitespace (actually, it will compress leading and trailing whitespace too, but it doesn't sound like that is a problem.), and

s/[ \t]+$/$/

will take care of the trailing whitespace. [I'm using sedish syntax here. You didn't say what flavor you prefer.]

Right off hand I don't see a way to do it in a single expression.

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I'm using this inside of a larger regular expression, from stackoverflow.com/questions/162727/… –  Chris Karcher Oct 19 '08 at 19:54

Since compressing whitespace and trimming whitespace around the edges are conceptually different operations, I like doing it in two steps:

re.replace("s/\s+/ /g", str.strip())

Not the most efficient, but quite readable.

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Only if you wanna trim all the white spaces - at the start, end and middle.

     string x = Regex.Replace(x, @"\s+", " ").Trim();
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/(^[\s\t]+|[\s\t]+([\s\t]|$))/g replace with $2 (beginning|middle/end)

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