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I have some data stored in a table that was encrypted using AES_ENCRYPT. I am using a CakePHP application to decrypt this information for use. Currently I have resorted to building an SQL statement and storing it in $query and using:

$results = $this->query($query);

While this works, I was wondering if there is a more Cake like way to accomplish this without resorting to manually writing the SQL queries.

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Put something like this in your afterFind method:

    function afterFind($results, $primary = false) {

    if($primary == true){

        foreach($results as $resultKey => $resultValue) {

            $results[$resultKey][$this->alias]['decrypted'] = Security::decrypt ( $results[$resultKey][$this->alias]['encrypted'], $key, $hmacSalt );

    return $results;

Here is the documentation for the AES decryption routines.

Alternatively you can use a virtual field to do the same thing.

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I am a little confused as your link points to the Cake API version 2.5 which doesn't seem to be available as a link from the main CakePHP website. Looking at the API version 2.4 documentation I don't see the Security::encrypt and Security::decrypt methods. When I try your code I am getting the Error: Call to undefined method Security::decrypt(). Are these methods coming in a future release or am I missing something? I am currently running Cake 2.4.2. –  JadedCore Feb 11 '14 at 15:49
Hmm you're right, they're not available in 2.4. Until then, there is always this little snippet: bin.cakephp.org/saved/52840 (note the base64 encoding, you may need to remove this). Alternatively, if you already have some SQL that will decrypt your data, then setting up a virtual field might be easier. –  Ben Hitchcock Feb 12 '14 at 0:38

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