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I'm using Delphi Chromium Embedded Framework release 3.06 (the last one, I guess...) What version of Chromium is involved in this release ? And is there possibility to update Chromium itself ?

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I'm not sure how you figure you have version 3.06 of Delphi Chromium Embedded. That project doesn't have version numbers.

Maybe you're looking at the binary downloads it last updated in October 2011, which are from revision 306 of the main Chromium Embedded Framework project. As of today, the latest revision of CEF is r1617; r306 is comparatively ancient.

Use DCEF3. It's an entirely separate project from Delphi Chromium Embedded. According to the DCEF3 commit history, the latest Chromium Embedded Framework release it supports is 3.1547.1412, which corresponds to Chromium 29.0.1547.59, and which you can download from cefbuilds.com. That's DCEF3 revision e319b4a6fbe2.

You need to read your project names and revision numbers carefully.

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For reference, another question where these three projects were confusing: stackoverflow.com/q/14364425/33732 –  Rob Kennedy Feb 10 at 23:50

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