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I’m using JPA 2.0, Hibernate 4.1.0.Final, and MySQL 5.5. I want to use the @OrderBy annotation to sort a set in one of my entities …

@OneToMany(mappedBy = "classroom", cascade = {CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.MERGE, CascadeType.REMOVE}, orphanRemoval=true)
private Set<User> roster;

However, I would like the set to be sorted in a case-insensitive way, or at least sort everything according to the lower-case of the "name" attribute. Is this possible with JPA? I can upgrade my JPA and Hibernate versions if this solves my problem.

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This relies in Hibernate rather than pure JPA, but you can check stackoverflow.com/questions/19871765/… –  SJuan76 Feb 10 '14 at 22:57
Another variation could be defining a calculated column in the database like lower(name), define a property for it (make it read-only), and order by it. Then again not very JPA-ish. –  SJuan76 Feb 10 '14 at 23:19
Regarding the first link you posted, where he does the case insensitive ordering? Making my variable a SortedSet doesn't solve my problem. –  Dave Feb 11 '14 at 15:01
Make your entity implement Comparable and implement as you wish... –  SJuan76 Feb 11 '14 at 17:00
I don't want to do that and that's not my question anyway. –  Dave Feb 12 '14 at 15:50

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IF you want to stick with the standard JPA annotations and not go with a provider (Hibernate) specific ones it's not possible. However, by making use of a TreeSet with your own comparator you can achieve the same behavior.


Set<User> roster = new TreeSet<User>(new MyComparator());
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