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I have an action that saves new procucts like this:

@products = Product.new(params[:product]) 

I am calling the same action for editing a product as well. But each time I edit...a new product gets created (because of above statements).

A while back I had seen some function that will only create a new record if there isn't an exising record. create_or_update something like that. I can not find it now.

Can anyone tell me what the method was? or give me a better approach to do this?

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Sometimes this is called "upsert". That might help in your search. –  DOK Jan 30 '10 at 19:10

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I think you're looking for find_or_create

You can see the docs for it at http://railsapi.com/doc/rails-v2.3.5/classes/ActiveRecord/Base.html

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