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I'm running Visual Studio 2013 (with latest updates) with ReSharper 8.1 (latest stable version). I'm trying to run my tests as usual, but they keep acting as if they're ignored. Both Run Unit Tests (ReSharper) and Run Tests (built-in test runner) act as if the tests are ignored.

I've tried: restarting Visual Studio, uninstalling and reinstalling ReSharper, clearing ReSharper caches, rebooting my Windows 7 machine, removing all [Ignore] annotations throughout the project... nothing works.

Even a very simple test like:

    public void CrapTest()

Will immediately go to an ignored state.

I've searched online but can't find any solutions. Help! This is driving me nuts.

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Deleting this file fixed it:

Solution Items / TestSettings.testsettings

One of our devs was trying to set up distributed testing for our TFS / CI test runs using this file.

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