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Is there a way to call a c++ library from javascript code inside both a browser and node.js? Ideally, the code to invoke a function call in the library is the same for both cases. It's acceptable if the approach only supports Chrome for a browser. I've found approaches that support either the browser or node.js, but not both. Thanks.

Edit: To clarify, I have a pure javascript codebase that runs both server-side (node) and client-side (browser) and I want the c++ library to be callable from this codebase for both cases.

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With NaCl its possible to message a C++ extention with javascript. This requires you to basically develop a chrome extenstion/app, I doubt you can access the C++ library from code outside of the extension however, unless you implement said feature.

On node you can wrap c++ objects, but these approaches are different.

If you wanted to have a uniform way to do this you could develop a middleware to handle that, but thats a project in its own.

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