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I am working on a project and have decided to use Camel and ActiveMQ. I am attempting to create a route using Java and MQTT endpoints. Within this route I have also incorporated a Processor. This is what my route looks like:

            //.process(new RestProcessor())

From my understanding, the route is consuming from zaq/avila/send, a processor is applied and then the message is published to zaq/avila/receive. The to() part does not appear to be happening, when I check the console, I see that the processor executes though no message is published to zaq/avila/receive. Also, within the web console I see that the messages in zaq/avila/send for enqueued and dequeued increment even when I only pusblished one message. In addition, if I shutdown ActiveMQ I get the following:

 INFO | Waiting as there are still 1 inflight and pending exchanges to complete,
 timeout in 7 seconds.


  WARN | Error occurred while shutting down service: Endpoint[mqtt://test?publish
 TopicName=zaq.avila.receive]. This exception will be ignored.

These exception make me wonder that the exchange is not completing and something is missing. I need help!

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Have a look into Camel MQTT component documentation. There is note that this component can be only used for consuming messages if I understand it correctly.

Note: The component currently only supports polling (consuming) feeds.

It's quite weird. I'll investigate further.

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Wow. That is weird, I don't know how I missed that. It doesn't explain why the doc would include the option publishTopicName if it doesn't support publishing messages. –  Clocker Feb 11 '14 at 18:20
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This may not necessarily be the best answer, however, it works.

        .process(new RestProcessor())

According to ActiveMQ Doc

MQTT messages are transformed into an JMS ByteMessage. Conversely, the body of any JMS Message is converted to a byte buffer to be the payload of an MQTT message.

I was able to publish an mqtt message to a topic, apply a processor and receive the modified message as an mqtt message even though the specified endpoint is JMS.

If anyone can think of any possible downfalls I would gladly appreciate hearing from you. In my opinion, this removes the need to publish messages as MQTT.

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This works ok mqtt publish to-> jms topic to-> mqtt subscribe. But with the disadvantage that you loose the mqtt capabilities like retained messages & qos. –  Teixi Jul 25 '14 at 15:56

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