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Does anyone have any experience with a really good RIA platform. I'm going to begin developing an application, and I intend to use Netbeans RCP for the thick client. I'd also like to create a RIA version of the same app. I've looked around for a RIA framework that rivals what you can get with the Netbeans RCP, and really haven't found one. My requirements are as follows.

  • Modular - I would like to be able to add and remove features without recompiling
  • Out of the box features - I'd like to have feature out of the box that are similar to Netbeans RCP (or most any other RCP), such as a menu system built in, a windowing system (allowing docking and remembering where windows were between sessions), Authentication and Authorization support out of the box, as well as the "Options' pane support (I really like how I can add amodule, and have that module expose options through the standard "options" dialog).
  • Actions and commands - I'd like to be able to handle actions from other modules without needing to couple the action to the other module.
  • I would like to deploy the app through GlassFish, but that's not a deal breaker.
  • Modern - the framework should use the latest standards, and I'm planning on moving to J2EE7 as soon as I can, so the platform must be actively updated to support such a migration.
  • I'm willing to pay, but the license must not be "per server" or "per instance"
  • Java isn't a must but I'm planning on using java for the rest of the app (services layer) and the Netbeans RCP front end.

I've been a .net developer for the last 6 years, and have just recently looked into the world of java, and I'm really amazed at the rich community, I thought .net had a large open source community, but the java one is orders of magnitude bigger. I don't know of anything even close to the Netbeans RCP in the .net community, let alone a RIA version.

I've looked at a few frameworks, but most of them seem to be mostly libraries that you can use to build applications, I really don't want to spend the time and maintanance cost to build the infrastructure listed above. Things I've looked at are....

  • Tepestry
  • "SmartClient"
  • GWT
  • Wicket

These all seem to be good building block, but I want an out of the box solution. The application will be mostly CRUD operations, but I will also be streaming video through the app, as well as handling alerts and events from the server.

Thanks for any advice


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Eclipse with the GWT plugin is fairly easy to get running out of the box. Step through the GWT tutorial first and you'll be ready to go. I realize you've already looked at GWT but the Eclipse plugin simplifies a lot of grunt work.

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Indeed. GWT Eclipse plugin simplifies compilation, depoloying and running them (Jetty). It also has App Engine support.

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