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A form that I have at the moment has the field, Skill_Name.

There is a subform with two fields; Employee_ID (A combo box of all Employee_IDs) and Emp_Skill_ID.

Upon selecting an Employee_ID, I'd like the Emp_Skill_ID to autofill in the following format:


Example: If Employee ID = 1234567, and Skill Name = AutoElec, I want the Emp_Skill_ID to automatically be 1234567_AutoElec.

If that's at all possible, it'd be much appreciated if someone could tell me how to do it.

Regards, AUS_Doug.

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you need to handle the AfterUpdate in both Employee_ID and SkillName. Something like

Private Sub Employee_ID_AfterUpdate()
End Sub

Private Sub SkillName_AfterUpdate()
End Sub

Private Sub UpdateEmp_Skill_ID
   If Not IsNull(Employee_ID) And Not IsNull(SkillName) Then
        Emp_Skill_ID = Employee_ID & "_" & SkillName
   End If
End Sub
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Cheers for that, worked nicely after an edit or two. – AUS_Doug Feb 11 '14 at 23:13

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