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I have some characters coming from database that are obscure if I use UTF-8 in HTML5. But if I use

<meta charset="ISO-8859-1"> 

instead then those characters become clear on the browser and looks fine. References suggest that UTF-8 is the preferred character encoding in HTML5.

Update 1: The Obscure character is shown as �

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No, you should definely not “use UTF-8” in the sense of declaring UTF-8 as the encoding, if your document is in fact not UTF-8 encoded. This applies to any other encoding, too.

UTF-8 is indeed the preferred encoding, but this means actually using it, in addition to declaring it.

So unless you know how to make the characters UTF-8 encoded when inserted into an HTML document, you should declare the encoding that is actually used.

Note that ISO-8859-1 will actually be taken as windows-1252 (by browser traditions and by HTML5 drafts).

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