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I downloaded Wordnet2.0full set. But, i need owl files

I Tried http://mowl-power.cs.man.ac.uk:8080/converter/ Manchester Converter for rdf to owl converting.

however, It doesn't work on company device

How to use Wordnet Test??

I need schema owl file and data owl files

enter image description here

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Given that one of the files is wnfull.rdfs, I wonder if this is an RDF(S) ontology and not an OWL ontology? Also, where did you get these files? The WordNet old versions page says that you shouldn't use 2.0 unless you know you need that specific version, but in any case, I don't RDF downloads. We'll need more information about what you've done so far if we're going to be able to help. –  Joshua Taylor Feb 11 at 12:41
Joshua Taylor// last working is LUBM test. LUBM generator give me owl schema(univ_bench.owl) and many datafile. Anyway I think cause of the problem is our device. thanks comment Joshua –  isaac Lee Feb 12 at 0:59
A note: don't try to convert files of this size through the converter at mowl-power.cs.man.ac.uk:8080/converter - I happen to know mowl-power is a Raspberry Pi machine. Way WAY underpowered to convert a hundred megabytes file and still keep up with requests from the net. –  Ignazio Feb 12 at 7:38

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The beginning of wnfull.rdfs looks like this:

  <owl:Ontology rdf:about="">

So it looks like it's already an OWL ontology, although with an rdfs file extension. You should be able to load it as an OWL ontology regardless of the extension - or you can change the extension to .owl if you prefer.

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