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I want to store my generic list into cookies because session expire again and again when i change code and rebuild. i want to store my list in cookies so that cookies is not expire when i rebuild.

How to Store My generic list into Cookies.?

I tried this :

List<EvaluationModel> evalModel = (List<EvaluationModel>)Session["ESearch"];
HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie("evalModel");
cookie.Value = evalModel;
cookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddHours(24);

But its say cannot implicitly convert type generic.list to string.


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I don't see any generic list in your code and "not working" is not a description that is good enough. –  nvoigt Feb 11 at 6:47
"EvaluationModel" seems to be a class and not a list. Does that class contain a list? Please elaborate. –  samar Feb 11 at 6:50
see my updated question.. –  Harshit Tailor Feb 11 at 6:56

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A cookie is just string data; the only way to do that would be to serialize it as a string (xml, json, base-64 of arbitrary binary, whatever) and again deserializing it back when you need it.

Also serializing a generic list means it will create a big string which will be running to and fro the client/server. Hence your request/response will be heavy and hence slow.

IMO, caching this at the server is the correct thing; don't put this in a cookie.

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