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How can I create a login partial view in MVC 2.0?

I want to include this in several masterpages in my site since I can't use the login control in MVC.

What code do I put in the controller which will accept the username and password?

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Have you worked with ASP.NET MVC before? A number of elements in your question suggest inexperience, and you don't say why the "login control" in MVC is unsuitable. I suggest you spend some time with the NerdDinner tutorial first, it should clear up a few things for you: nerddinnerbook.s3.amazonaws.com/Intro.htm –  Robert Harvey Jan 30 '10 at 21:44

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The default MVC project creates one for you. Just install MVC and create a MVC project. It will have a Master page, with a login partial view already created.

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