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If my product, MyApp.exe, is being debugged by OllyDbg (or any other debugger really), but the exe launches another one (such as MakeSerial.exe); will OllyDbg start debugging the newly-launched exe too? Or does it just trace MyApp.exe only? Thanks.

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No, OllyDbg will not automatically debug child processes.

You could however look for the CreateProcess call that launches the child process and edit it's parameter dwCreationFlags in include the flag CREATE_SUSPENDED (0x00000004). Then you can either detach from the parent process or open a new instance of OllyDbg to attach to the child process and resume/debug it.

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Thanks guys; both answers are valid and show a way to do it, so I don't know who to give the tick (I'm new here)... but I assume to the first reply. Done. –  PSB136 Feb 19 at 9:55
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Yes, the newest version of OllyDbg has an option to automatically debug child processes.

enter image description here

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