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I'm using us layout now. But the problem is that the key bindings are not bound to the characters a key would produce but to the key itself. So for example commenting is cmd+- as - is on the same key on German layout as / on us. So cmd+\ translates to cmd+- on German layout. It's not fixed on Idea14, don't know about 15.

When using default shortcuts of IntelliJ Idea, some of them are not working properly on a German Keyboard. Mostly because there is a key that is available without pressing Shift on an us layout. E.g. pressing Cmd+; can only be achieved by pressing Cmd+Shift+, on a german layout, so this keymapping for opening the projects structure doesn't work. I helped myself out by mapping Cmd+Shift+, instead of Cmd+;.

However for Cmd+/ (toggle line comment; Cmd+Shift+7 on german layout), this is not working. First problem of course is that Cmd+Shift+7 is already mapped unlike Cmd+Shift+,. So I tried to remap to Cmd+Shift+L which wasn't mapped already, but the comment toggling won't work.

I gotta add that I'm using IdeaVim Plugin and I have three different options that are called "Comment with (Line|Block) comment", all under a different hierarchy (Code->Folding, Plugins->IdeaVim and just Other. Which one is the right?

How do you tackle these problems on a non-us layout and a mac keyboard?

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Try this out, CMD + _ on german keyboard for comment:

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You just have to know where the shortcut symbols displayed in the editors are on a US-keyboard.

On OSX you can look this up in the Keyboard settings. Add a US-Keyboard as a source and you get the positions of the symbols displayed. On Windows there should be tools for that as well.

For example the shortcuts cmd+[ and cmd+] (for navigating back and forward) are cmd+ü and cmd++ on a german keyboard because "ü" and "+" on german keyboard are "[" and "]" on US-keyboards. I think this is alright because on a german keyboard this shortcut would not be usable because it would be wrongly interpreted as "cmd+alt+5" and "cmd+alt+6".

It's a bit ugly that the editors (PHPStorm has the same issue) don't display the right keys, but for me it wasn't a big issue anymore as soon as I learned the positions on a US-Keyboard.

Anyway I really wonder why only the symbols are affected by this issue. "Y" und "Z" keys are shown correctly in the IDE.

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In fact I'm using us layout now – ohcibi Sep 12 '14 at 18:43

Unfortunately this is a known problem, e.g. I suggest you remap the shortcuts which do not work on DE keyboard.

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Remapping shortcuts does not work for block and line comments... – ohcibi Feb 14 '14 at 14:28
Please file a bug with version + OS information and steps which reproduce this behavior – Yann Cébron Feb 15 '14 at 19:51

You can still use the symbols that are on the numeric pad. So instead of normal Cmd + / where you reach "/" via Shift, you can use Cmd + Num /; same goes for commands using + and - on numeric pad.

Now I do this on PC (so Ctrl instead of Cmd), but I do not see why it should not work on Mac the same way.

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I dont have any numpad ob my MacBook 8-) – ohcibi Aug 31 '14 at 16:48
@ohcibi You can disable the default Mac OS behaviour for Cmd+Num+/ shortcut in Settings=>Keyboafrd=>Shortcuts=>AppShortcuts – QLag Apr 2 '15 at 12:29

I figured out how to comment/uncomment lines using keyboard shortcut. It turns out that the shortcut is CMD+. instead of CMD+/

Following is a US keyboard layout of a non-mac computer:

I have a . button in the same location as the picture. When I used '.' button in my Turkish MacBook Pro, I was able comment/uncomment lines.

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Not for Mac but for Windows: use Ctrl + / (number pad). The only way it works for me with version 15.

Or you change it in keyword settings.

The bug still open since 9 years and nobody fix the problems (that not the only one). Can´t believe it

If you push Strg+/ in keyboard settings you get "Strg + 7". If you push Strg+Shift+/ you get "Strg + Shift + Schrägstrich". Crazy.

I found so many bugs in only 3 days of use.

One other thing is, if i check the checkbox "Deutsch layout support" in the keyboard settings, i cant push apply. When i choose ok and go back the checkbox isnt checked.

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This thread on their bug database has better answers:

Specifically, go to Find Action..., type "Registry", scroll down to


And check the box

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