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Which types of objects fall into the domain of "subscriptable"?

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Alistair asked about "scriptable" objects (valid term), not "subscriptable" objects (also valid term). Eli, are you sure that you did the right thing editing the question? I rollback the edit to let Alistair decide. –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:09
The variable we don't know is: did Alistair choose an answer because they were satisfied, or because they thought that "here is an answer; I suppose it's the right one"? –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:14
Whatever; however, I still think that the proper way would be to comment and wait for Alistair to edit, than to edit directly the question because we think we know what the question was about. –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:36

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It basically means that the object implements the __getitem__() method. In other words, it describes objects that are "containers", meaning they contain other objects. This includes lists, tuples, and dictionaries.

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Incredible. What you describe is an "indexable" or "subscriptable" object, not a "scriptable" object, which is a valid term. –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:07

Off the top of my head, the following are the only built-ins that are subscriptable:

string:  "foobar"[3] == "b"
tuple:   (1,2,3,4)[3] == 4
list:    [1,2,3,4][3] == 4
dict:    {"a":1, "b":2, "c":3}["c"] == 3

But mipadi's answer is correct; any class that implements __getitem__ is subscriptable

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A scriptable object is an object that records the operations done to it and it can store them as a "script" which can be replayed.

For example, see: Application Scripting Framework

Now, if Alistair didn't know what he asked and really meant "subscriptable" objects (as edited by others), then (as mipadi also answered) this is the correct one:

A subscriptable object is any object that implements the __getitem__ special method (think lists, dictionaries).

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Note that I'm replying to the original question about "scriptable" objects, not "subscriptable" as edited by others, not Alistair. I really would like Alistair to comment. –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:24
Ok, upvoted. But if you want the Peer Pressure badge, let me know :D –  Federico A. Ramponi Oct 19 '08 at 22:26
Ah, a new badge for my collection! :) Just kidding, obviously. The only thing that justified the editing of the question was that Alistair chose an answer; I still am not sure if Alistair was sure about choosing. –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:30
You do know that up/downvoting means "helpful/not helpful" in relation to the question, right? It doesn't mean "I agree/disagree" or "I like it/I don't like it" or even "I like you/I don't like you". In the end it is I that will get blamed for overbloated ego… –  tzot Oct 19 '08 at 22:54

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