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I am trying to install postgresql using opscode LWRP. I get an error

You must set node['postgresql']['password']['postgres'] in chef-solo mode

Here is my recipe

include_recipe 'postgresql::server'

All documentation I have seen describes using nodes but I want to put the equivalent of the json code below into a recipe using attributes. Is there any way to do it?

"postgresql" : {
  "config": {
      "ssl": "false",
      "listen_addresses": "*"
  "password" : {
    "postgres" : "1234"
  "pg_hba": [
     { "type": "host",  "db": "all", "user": "postgres", "addr": "", "method": "md5" }

The full error is here

28:    missing_attrs = %w{       
29:      postgres       
30:    }.select do |attr|       
31:      node['postgresql']['password'][attr].nil?       
32: { |attr| "node['postgresql']['password']['#{attr}']" }       
34:    if !missing_attrs.empty?       
35>>     Chef::Application.fatal!([       
36:          "You must set #{missing_attrs.join(', ')} in chef-solo mode.",       
37:          "For more information, see"       
38:        ].join(' '))       
39:    end       
40:  else       
41:    # TODO: The "secure_password" is randomly generated plain text, so it       
42:    # should be converted to a PostgreSQL specific "encrypted password" if       
43:    # it should actually install a password (as opposed to disable password       
44:    # login for user 'postgres'). However, a random password wouldn't be       
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Add the following line to attributes/default.rb in your cookbook:

default['postgresql']['password']['postgres'] = "xxx"

This does not add it "into a recipe using attributes", but it adds it to a cookbook. You can set attributes in recipes directly, too, but I see no reason to do this now (you can do it there with node.default[...]).

(you can choose any file name ending with .rb, it doesn't have to be default.rb, but I would say it's kinda convention)

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Same error. I had already tried that. I want to use only a recipe and stay away from nodes and roles. – markhorrocks Feb 11 '14 at 13:31
You can't avoid nodes. The node is the thing that runs chef. What I meant with "your cookbook": Did you add an additional cookbook to the node's run list in which you place the line I mentioned above? Is your code on github? Would make things easier. – StephenKing Feb 11 '14 at 17:04
I've scratched a tiny wrapper cookbook for you: Just create the files mentined in the gist as a new cookbook my_postgresql and add recipe[my_postgresql] to the node's run list instead of recipe[postgresql::server]. I hope this helps. – StephenKing Feb 11 '14 at 17:11
To finally answer your real question (how to transform the JSON data to ruby) instead of talking about the symptom of an undefined password - just follow my example and use default['postgresql']['config']['ssl'] = false etc. – StephenKing Feb 11 '14 at 17:13
default['postgresql']['pg_hba']['type'] = "host" gives me an error "van't convert string into Integer". – markhorrocks Feb 12 '14 at 2:06

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