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Is there a way to launch an Explorer window and highlight a file in that folder with WPF ? I've already tried the following :

Process ExplorerWindowProcess = new Process();

ExplorerWindowProcess.StartInfo.FileName = "explorer.exe";
ExplorerWindowProcess.StartInfo.Arguments = ConfigFile.File.FullName;


... but that opens the file (in my case an XML file) with the default application in Windows Explorer, which I very much don't want. I know that the Aptana tools available for Eclipse allow you the ability to select a file in the Eclipse project browser and show the file in Explorer exactly as I want, but I need a way to implement this in my WPF app.

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Explorer Command Line Arguments

Explorer [/n] [/e] [(,)/root,<object>] [/select,<object>]

/n                Opens a new single-pane window for the default
                  selection. This is usually the root of the drive Windows
                  is installed on. If the window is already open, a
                  duplicate opens.

/e                Opens Windows Explorer in its default view.

/root,<object>    Opens a window view of the specified object.

/select,<object>  Opens a window view with the specified folder, file or
                  application selected.

You will also want to put quotes around the filename like so:

startInfo.FileName = "explorer.exe";
startInfo.Arguments = "/select,\"" + ConfigFile.File.FullName + "\"";
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That's awesome, thank you very much –  Alex Marshall Jan 31 '10 at 1:11

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