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I have upgraded to VS2013 and am trying to debug a website. This is my solution:

Solution Explorer

I have tried debugging like I used to, which would open the browser at http://localhost:35731/ and break as required. That doesn't work - I now get "The breakpoint will not currently be hit".

I tried adding an application into IIS under the Default Web Site, pointing to the directory, so that I could browse to http://localhost/web/, but that also doesn't break on the breakpoints.

How do I set this up correctly for debugging?

--- EDIT ---

I worked out why it wasn't debugging under IIS - I had to reopen the website in Visual Studio from IIS, not from the file system. This means it runs outside of Source Control (not ideal) and standalone - i.e. using the compiled Class project .dll, so I can't debug that - also not ideal. So I have to use IISExpress - I just can't work out why it's not catching the breakpoints.

--- EDIT 2 ---

So if I create a brand new solution and add a website, then try run on IIS Express, breakpoints won't be hit. But if I do the exact same on a different machine, the do get hit. So it seems there's something wrong with my setup/installation, and not what I'm trying to do... Not sure how to trouble-shoot this, though. I've tried rebooting / cleaning / rebuilding / etc.

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