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I want to determine when process in the system wasn't open by the user but by another process. i'm using Sysinternals Procmon to monitor the system's processes. Particularly i'm interested to know if process of an web browser Internet Explorer wasn't opened by the user. i'm tried to use the Parent PID, but it is not enough to distinguish. can someone please give me a direction?

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When I ask a program to open another process it looks a lot like when that process decides to open another process on its own. –  robert Feb 11 at 11:10
how can i measure that time in c#? to know if a process of Internet Explorer was opened by a user or by another process? –  user454558 Feb 11 at 11:13
Processes can only be started by other processes. Sometimes users ask one process to start another process, sometimes they do so only indirectly, and sometimes processes are started without any basis in user actions. –  robert Feb 11 at 12:06
So according to you, i want to know when processes are started without any basis in user actions. how that can be done? can it be determine using Procmon? –  user454558 Feb 12 at 9:45
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