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I'm trying to enable the Hadoop native library and the snappy library for compression in Hadoop 2.2.0, but I always end up with:

./hadoop/bin/hadoop checknative -a
Native library checking:
hadoop: false
zlib:   false
snappy: false
lz4:    false
bzip2:  false

I compiled hadoop-2.2.0-src from scratch for x64 and put the resulting .so in hadoop/lib/native/. I also compiled snappy from scratch and put it there. In a different approach I installed snappy via sudo apt-get and then linked the resulting .so to hadoop/lib/native/, still no luck.

What is going on here? Why won't Hadoop find my native libraries? Is there any log where I can check what went wrong during loading?

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have you tried sudo ./hadoop/bin/hadoop checknative -a – A J Jul 23 '14 at 7:01

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