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An existing code of mine makes use of some thread specific keys. I intend to scale this code now which requires creating more and more such keys. But pthread supports around 1024 keys per process due to which keys are not created after this limit which creates a problem for me. Any suggestions on how best same functionality could be achieved without using the pthread implementation of keys?

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As it stands, your question is too broad to answer meaningfully. What have you tried? Is there a particular issue troubling you? –  Michael Foukarakis Feb 11 '14 at 11:59

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Use Thread-Local storage:

#define KEYS_MAXIMUM 2048

__thread void * keys[KEYS_MAXIMUM];

To allow destructors you might use:

typedef struct 
  void * p;
  void (*f) (void *);
} Key

__thread Key * keys[KEYS_MAXIMUM];

All that is missing here is some wrappers mimicing the pthread_key* API.

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Just to mention it, there is a corresponding C11 feature, _Treadlocal. –  Jens Gustedt Feb 11 '14 at 12:55

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