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I am trying to scale a polygon map of the country of the world

mp <- map("world", plot = FALSE, fill=FALSE,interior = FALSE)
lpolygon(mp$x, mp$y, fill=TRUE, col=NA)

Is there a way of doing it in R?

Many thanks

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Could you specify what exactly you want to do? Do you want to make a polygon map of countries of the world? –  Zbynek Feb 11 at 12:05
Yes but a want to be able to scale it according to a parameter –  user3036416 Feb 11 at 12:31
If you want to zoom your map, then you can do so by map("world", xlim=c(-140,-110),ylim=c(48,64), fill=TRUE, col="grey") (for example). Or what do you mean by scale? –  Zbynek Feb 11 at 12:41
I mean resize it, thanks –  user3036416 Feb 11 at 13:13

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