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The Photos app in iOS 7 allows you to select multiple photos, tap "Share" and be presented with a document interaction controller with the appropriate options for multiple items.

The Camera app goes one further and even updates the document interaction controller's options in real time as you select and deselect photos.

However, the UIDocumentInteractionController class seems only to allow for a single URL parameter.

Is it possible to do what the Photos and Camera apps do using public API?

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- (void)showShareDialog
    UIImage *image = [UIImage imageWithCGImage:self.imgView.image.CGImage];

    NSArray* dataToShare = @[image, image2, image3];  // ...or whatever pieces of data you want to share.

    UIActivityViewController* activityViewController =
    [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:dataToShare
    [self presentViewController:activityViewController animated:YES completion:^{



I think this should help

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Try it and let me know if it works. @hatfinch –  Basheer_CAD Feb 17 at 11:00
Will do ASAP -- apologies for the delay. –  hatfinch Feb 17 at 11:23
The UIActivityViewController works great for multiple items but it appears I still need to use a UIDocumentInteractionController for a single item if I want to include the "open in" options. I'd like to add an extra UIActivity for both single and multiple items. Are UIActivity and "open in" options effectively mutually exclusive? –  hatfinch Feb 17 at 12:30
No they are not, I think you should decide witch one to use before showing the dialog, UIActivityViewController is for sharing multiple items, while open in (UIDocumentationInteractionController) provides in-app support for managing user interactions with files in the local system, i.e. you have one url of the file that you want to share. @hatfinch –  Basheer_CAD Feb 17 at 12:55
So if they're not mutually exclusive, how do I show a single, unified controller for a single file which allows for either opening that file in another app, or performing a custom UIActivity on that file? –  hatfinch Feb 17 at 13:37

Store the URLs of the selected items in an array. You can change the actions displayed depending upon the number of elements in the array. After the user makes his/her selection, you can loop through the URLs and apply the selected action.

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