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I have an array with 4 jquery elements.

<div class="wrapper">
 <img class="image">
 <img class="image">
 <img class="image">
 <img class="image">

In jQuery:

var images = $('.image');

For my slide effect (for example a slide to the left side) I did something like that (this is not my complete code, the slide effect works!)

$('.wrapper').css('margin-left', '0px');
$('.wrapper').animate({'margin-left', '-100px'}, 1000);

My wrapper slides to the left. Now, I want to transform my images while that slide.

if(images.index() === 0) {
  // some css for this image (I do my transformation width css transition)
} else if(images.index() === 1) {
  // do some other transformation with css

I included that if inside of my animate() (at the moment, inside complete).

So my wrapper slides to the left and my array elemets transform like they should but only at the END of the slide animation. I need that transformation while my slide effect.


while(images.index() >= 0 && images.index() <= 1) {// do transformation while this is true}
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I changed my array with prepend and append. I need the time while appending or prepending. Thx –  mkoehler Feb 11 at 12:34
Have you tried anything? –  Yury Tarabanko Feb 11 at 12:37
No. I don't know at what time I need to animate my array element. My element 'two' slips from position 2 to 1. While that process I want to transform this element. –  mkoehler Feb 11 at 12:44

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Maybe it's bxslider You can check some example of this:

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I have a slide animation. I want to change my element while it changes the index position. –  mkoehler Feb 11 at 13:26
Can you provide me code of your slider or its name? –  Bob khin Feb 11 at 14:16

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