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I have a C# code as followed:

public class RoundedHandle : GoRoundedRectangle, IGoHandle {

GoRoundedRectangle is a class. IGoHandle is an interface.

I had tried to convert it to VB .NET code:

Public Class RoundedHandle
Inherits GoRoundedRectangle, IGoHandle

However VB .NET only allows inheritance of one class only.

How can I make the conversion possible by including a class and an interface at the same time?

Thank you.

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GoRoundedRectangle is a class and IGoHandle is an interface. –  Tim Schmelter Feb 11 at 12:36
You'll have to use the Implements keyword. –  Hans Passant Feb 11 at 12:36

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In vb.net you have to use the keyword 'Implements' to implement an interface (as shown in the code below):

Public Class RoundedHandle
    Inherits GoRoundedRectangle
    Implements IGoHandle
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