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I just configured my Vim to used Syntastic - which works great ! I use it for javascript validation.

I have two linters installed: jslint and jshint, and I intend to keep the two. But Syntastic does not seem to want to report errors from the two at the same time: I get first errors from jshint, and then only jslint when I fixed the previous ones.

Any way I could have the two at the same time?

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You need to set g:syntastic_aggregate_errors option to 1 (it's default value is 0):

let g:syntastic_aggregate_errors = 1

This is from documentation:

When enabled, syntastic runs all checkers that apply to the current filetype, then aggregates errors found by all checkers and displays them. When disabled, syntastic runs each checker in turn, and stops to display the results the first time a checker finds any errors.

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Does the trick, many thanks ! –  aspyct Feb 11 at 16:51

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