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I'm using TypeKit to provide fonts for a site I'm developing. When the page is loading it loads slow (more than a second). Turns out that this is because it's downloading the fonts on every requests. It's beyond me that a service such as this doesn't have etags configured to get clients to cache the fonts...but I digress. Until TypeKit fixes this I host the CSS locally temporarily.

Anyone had this issue with TypeKit? How did you work around it? Perhaps I'm wrong?

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Hmm... that could be part of the business model or down to legal issues. But on every call? Have you looked at the ceche-control headers in the resources they serve out? – Pekka 웃 Jan 31 '10 at 1:57
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According to a posting on their getsatisfaction.com account, they have at least some caching in place:

One thing to note is that although the fonts are served with an Expires header, they're also served with an Etag. The browser is required to make a request after 5 minutes, but will normally use the Etag to generate a 304 (Not Modified) response - meaning, the fonts aren't actually downloaded again.

can you check what happens using Firebug?

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