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I've compiled my C program using gcc 4.4.1 using the flag -g, but when I try to step through one of my functions in gdb version 7.0, I get the message:

"Single stepping until exit from function _DictionaryTree_getNodeList, 
which has no line number information."

Can someone tell me why this is happening?

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Just guessing, but is _DictionaryTree_getNodeList in another file that wasn't compiled with -g?

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Yes, I figured it out before I even read your answer. Good guess ;) –  Steven Oxley Jan 31 '10 at 2:06
If you are compiling multiple files, it's better to use a Makefile and add -ggdb in the gcc option flags. –  manav m-n Jan 31 '10 at 9:07
@Manav MN yeah, that's what I have, but I have two different commands - one for compiling and one for linking and I forgot to add the flag to the one for compiling (which is actually the only one I needed it for, I guess). –  Steven Oxley Jan 31 '10 at 23:54

I had the same problem but in my case adding -g to the compiler wasn't enough so I used -ggdb as suggested by Manav.

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In my case, the problem was version skew between gcc and gdb.

After landing here from search and none of these answers fit my situation, I figured out that (because of aliases / symlinks / Makefile / environment variables) I was accidentally using a newer GCC (4.8.x) and an older GDB (7.2). Stepping up to a newer version of GDB (7.8) fixed the problem. For some reason, using a newer GCC and older GDB didn't work.

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... but (only) now I see that previous answers to other nearly-identical questions have this answer -- e.g., this and this. The latter includes information on why (DWARF incompatibility). Upvotes all around! –  hoc_age Jun 1 at 10:22

I had the same issue, when I compiled a file using -g option and without -g option. For one of the file, the gdb showed line number without any issues(even when it was compiled without -g option).. And for the other file, I had to explicitly mention -g flag...

Any ideas as to whether the source file could be loaded at run time in GDB with cross referencing would be good solution... by mapping the lines to the addresses :D.

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I had this error message too but the source of my problem was different. If anyone is still having any problems, make sure you have #include <stdio.h> in your file, with the the appropriate brackets around stdio.h (the text message would not show up if I had it around stdio.h).

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