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I'm developing a poxy using Camel. Client call me with a URL like:


I have written a Camel route:

<route id="getFileService">
     <from uri="bean:getFileProxy" />
     <to uri="..." />
</ route>

How can I get the parameter "path" and use it in the route tag <to uri="http://www.otherdomain.com/file.txt" /> dynamically.

Then I have to send the HTTP Response to Client.

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see Recipient List: camel.apache.org/recipient-list.html –  gouki Feb 12 '14 at 8:24

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I do not know what you are doing in your "getFileProxy" bean but you could create a simple proxy with camel components:


This will take all requests from http://localhost:8182/proxy and forwards it to the the address specified in the path property. You will need to use the recipientList component since this is the only component that resolves its endpoint dynamically at runtime.

If you need to use the getFileProxy bean you may set a the path as a header on the exchange there and then use it in the recipientlist.

Note that this implementation depends on the path property to be a valid camel component uri and it will use the old http component and not the preferred http4 component if a regular url is specified in the path property.


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