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I'm getting Execution exception

[APIError: You must provide an email address in order to create a ticket.]

it is possible to catch this error and post only

"You must provide an email address in order to create a ticket."

this error should showup in the view page.

the code that give error :

val question ="/api/v1/tickets.json", ticket).getJSONObject("ticket")


def contactSave = withOptionUser { user => implicit request =>
      formWithErrors => BadRequest(, formWithErrors)),
      c => {
          val uservoice = new com.uservoice.Client(SUBDOMAIN, API_KEY, API_SECRET)

          val ticketMsg = Map("state" -> "open","subject" -> c._2, "message" -> c._3).toMap[String,Object].asJava

          val ticket = Map("email" -> c._1, "ticket" -> ticketMsg).toMap[String,Object].asJava


          val question ="/api/v1/tickets.json", ticket).getJSONObject("ticket")



Html :

@main("Contact Us",user,"contact",stylesheet, scripts) {
    @helper.form(routes.UservoiceController.contactSave) {
<section class="contact">
    <div class="contactBox contentBox">
        <div class="leftColumn">
            <h1>Contact Us</h1>
            <span>You can fill out this form for any general inquiries, comments, etc.</span>
            <span>You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!</span>

            <div class="social">
       { error =>
                <span class="error" data-xpl="loginError">
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Shouldn't you be checking for a valid email address before posting to that API? Blindly catching all exceptions could mask other bugs down the road. – m-z Feb 11 '14 at 17:08
Hi Limb, the code is using 3rd party email sending where I can't found how they validate their email.. so I'm thinking to catch the error while trying to figure out the validation used. – Monnster Feb 12 '14 at 5:50

you can use a try / catch block and create a form

var form = contactForm.bindFromRequest()
  formWithErrors => ...
  c => {
    try {
      val question ="/api/v1/tickets.json", ticket).getJSONObject("ticket")
    } catch {
      case e: Exception =>
        Logger.error("error ...", e)
        val formWithError = form.withError("email", "You must provide an email address in order to create a ticket.")
        BadRequest(, formWithError))
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Hi @Yann Simon I'm getting value withError is not a member of (String, String, String) By the way I have this in the view file @( user: Option[User], form: Form[(String, String, String)] ) – Monnster Feb 12 '14 at 10:34
yes sorry, you must first extract the form instance: val form = contactForm.bindFromRequest form.fold ( formWithErrors => ..., c => ... try { ... } catch { ... val formWithError = form.withError(...) ... } ) – Yann Simon Feb 13 '14 at 8:45

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