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Before the purists attack me, I know combining jquery and angular the way I am is not "correct"

Ok on with the show.

I have a text box with jQueryUI autocomplete attached to it. This works great! I also have a button with an ng-show attribute that evaluates the validity of the entry in the textbox. This also works correctly if I type the name out manually. However. If I start typing and then click on the autocomplete entry - the ng-show function does not evaluate. I have to then manually add a space or something to the end of the text box to force it to run.

Any ideas on how to get ng-show to work with jQueryUI autocomplete?

<p><input id="txtUniqueUser" ng-model="selectedUserName" name="UniqueUser" type="text" placeholder="Search For User" class="input-xlarge" style="width:80%"></p>
<p ng-show="isValidName()"><button type="button" ng-model="selectedUserName" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg">Begin!</button></p>

$scope.isValidName = function(){
        if($scope.uniqueDisplaynames.indexOf($scope.selectedUserName) != -1)
            return true;
            return false;

I added this to make it work:

                $scope.selectedUserName = $('#txtUniqueUser')[0].value;

ARApp.directive('autoComplete', function(autoCompleteDataService) {
    return {
        restrict: 'A',
        link: function(scope, elem, attr, ctrl) {
                    // elem is a jquery lite object if jquery is not present,
                    // but with jquery and jquery ui, it will be a full jquery object.
                source: autoCompleteDataService.getSource(), //from your service
                minLength: 2

ARApp.factory('autoCompleteDataService', [function($scope) {
    return {
        getSource: function($scope) {

            return [$scope.uniqueDisplaynames];
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It is because since the value of the input is modified by jQuery, angularjs is unaware about the changes.

Disclaimer: Not tested

AngularJS reacts to the changes made to the scope variables using the $digest cycle, so when autocomplete changes the value of the input element those are not getting copied to the model object associated with it.

An easy workaround should be to fire the change event on the autocomplete change event of the element

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