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I have a problem with PhP File Upload progress monitor at the very start.

First, here are the relevant PhP.ini settings (Directive, Local Value and Master Value):

     session.upload_progress.cleanup    On  On
     session.upload_progress.enabled    On  On
     session.upload_progress.freq   1%  1%
     session.upload_progress.min_freq   1   1
     session.upload_progress.prefix upload_progress_    upload_progress_

Here is the form (simplified):

     <form id="fileupload" style="position:relative;" target="iframe_fileupload" action="http://www.athiyoga.org/testupload.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
            <input type="hidden" name="<?echo ini_get("session.upload_progress.name");?>" value="first"/>
             <input type="file" name="file_1">
            <button type="submit" >Start Submit</button>

I have JQUERY Ajax code, in the same PhP file (of course, as a JS script), as in:


    //UPDATED THIS PART after reading: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19336610/delay-in-populating-session-upload-progress-data
    //POSTING the magic variable PHP_SESSION_UPLOAD_PROGRESS during status inquiry too

       var params = {PHP_SESSION_UPLOAD_PROGRESS:"first", some_var:20 };
       var data_params = jQuery.param( params );
              upload_promise = $.ajax({
                url: 'upload_status.php', 
                data: data_params,
                dataType: 'html',
                type    : 'POST',
                cache   : false 

The upload_status.php simply echoes the $_SESSION array. I also set a test session variable in the form-php to make sure that the AJAX (thru upload_status.php) picks that session variable. It does. But not a sign (no variable/index) of the upload status in the $_SESSION array! The files get uploaded. I made sure that the files are big enough so that the 5000ms is sufficient to report some intermediate status.

I have never implemented PhP file upload progress bar before so I wonder if I am missing something. Once I get one status-point in the upload, I will be able to do the rest.


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You looked into that rifht php.net/manual/en/session.upload-progress.php –  DOC ASAREL Feb 11 at 18:00
@dollarVar. I had read it and read it again after your message just to see if I missed anything. Still no luck. I had made a few mistakes but had corrected them earlier. I know it must be something simple. I did upvote your suggestions. –  Samir Feb 11 at 18:26
Ok, for what I can see, you cannot echo a whole array. The upload_status.php simply echoes the $_SESSION array. Also you have a mistake in you form. <?echo should be <?php echo or <?=. (If open short tags are enabled stackoverflow.com/questions/200640/…) –  DOC ASAREL Feb 12 at 7:15
As far as what I understand from googling FastCGI does not support this feature, You can try using client side solution: uploadify.com/documentation/uploadifive/onprogress –  talsibony Feb 12 at 14:14

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There could be some issues, I have listed down few of them.

  • The web server's request buffering has to be disabled for this to work properly, else PHP may see the file upload only once fully uploaded.
  • This feature doesn't work, when your webserver is running PHP via FastCGI.
  • Don't forget, that the session has to be initialized before the form is generated, otherwise you will get no information in the session.
  • It won't work in PHP 5.3 or earlier.
  • Note that if you run that code and you print out the content of $_SESSSION[$key] you get an empty array due that session.upload_progress.cleanup is on by default and it cleans the progress information as soon as all POST data has been read. Set it to Off or 0 to see the content of $_SESSION[$key].

This can help you to track your progress bar http://pecl.php.net/package/uploadprogress

I hope this will help you to dig out the problem.

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I have learned all the above issues the hard way. Nice to have it in one place. Have upvoted your answer. On second thoughts, just decided to go ahead and accept it as an answer too as it happens to be the answer anyway. Just edit your answer, if possible, to add APC approach which can work with PHP <5.4 but also requires that FastCGI be disable. Thanks. –  Samir Feb 18 at 12:52

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