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I'm looking for the perfect solution for a page horizontal and scroll vertical interface.

I've ran though container views, page views, scroll views, configured in all kinds of ways, and the closest I have come to a decent solution was a page view with a scroll view on top. But when I do this the scroll view doesn't allow the page view to page, and the page view doesn't allow the scroll view to scroll... at least, not at the same time.

I've tried everything to allow both the page view and scroll view to both operate at once, but I can't get it... anyone have any idea?

I have the Navigation Controller, a View running the whole page view and page content system The Page Content view has a scroll view on it, and I just need the gesture recognizer to work on that scroll view at the same time as paging the page view controller. At the moment they are separate and I can't get them to work together.

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